Refinery: High End Coffee

SOFFA loves to have a good cup of coffee anywhere in the world. Our last catch is an international multi-roaster speciality coffee bar Refinery in Berlin, dedicated to carefully selected third wave coffee and unique tasting experience. 

“People taste and smell the coffee completely differently and that’s the beauty of it.  Beyond any design and décor, in the end – it is all about coffee,” Tansel Ozbek lives and breathes the certain philosophy at Refinery High End Coffee, the café she co-founded in the heart of Berlin in 2015. “Perfect cup of coffee in the great design place is like a glory.” 

The café has always been a true testament to the appreciation of the modern approach to the coffee culture. From high focus on the details, conscious ambitions to establish a hub for coffee professionals to 21st century third wave specialty coffee fairy-tale. There is something about the subtle aesthetics that both draws the people in and keeps them calm in the symphony of the aromas. 

“We wanted to create a ferry to the perfect moment: extremely high quality roasted coffee, intelligent and curious customers, light jazz rhythm, lovely and friendly staff and purely sophisticated interior design. Minimalist, simple, clean, and cosy.” Needless to say, it brings the art of making coffee, a hip specialty café and purely caffeine-filled everyday routine at once.

Equally important - never ending development and innovations to compose unique coffee retail and creative customer services. “There is nothing more important than educate, experiment, combine, share and empower coffee community in Berlin,” takes a sip Tansel and gives a hint about the new Refinery concept coming into the market in a week. The team wants to bring the coffee closer to the people and their homes, share the knowledge how to prepare the perfect coffee at home and explore all the notes and aromas.

To enjoy the atmosphere and a delicious cup of coffee visit Refinery - Albrechtstrasse 11B, 10117 Berlin, Germany.

Celebrate our upcoming issue SOFFA 22 dedicated to Music with SOFFA & Refinery team!

SAVE THE DATE: 19 August 2017 | More information coming soon.




Mon – Fri 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Sat 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Text: SOFFA & Refinery | Photo: @a_uste / Auste Skrupskyte