IMM Cologne features Lucie Koldova X Brokis X TON

This year’s IMM Cologne interior design show features the Czech brand Brokis in an entirely different light. Lucie Koldova, who has collaborated with Brokis on numerous lighting designs, will introduce both new and familiar concepts she has created for the brand. A few of the staple Brokis collections, such as KNOT or Mona, will be expanded and updated with new versions of the popular classics.

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The designs will star at the Das Haus installation that aims to present unique ideas and visions whilst immitating a domestic environment. Koldova and her concept will be in the spotlight, following names like Todd Bracher or Doshi Levien.


The Das Haus complex will be divided into separate zones with each of them resembling a certain part of a living area. In these spaces, Koldova seeks to demonstrate various lighting techniques and their ability to create and affect the mood of an interior. “I love the power of expression light possesses, its diversity. There is nothing else that you can play with in such a great way,” says the designer herself. Koldova’s project is called Light Levels and will be launched on January 15th.



Furthermore, the relaxation area of the complex will be crowned by yet another design release. The prominent Czech manufacturer TON wil introduce another product from Koldova’s studio, the new Chips lounge chair. Its gentle curves and revolutionarily combined materials will dominate the assigned room and highlight its uplifting and relaxing atmosphere.

Altogether, the shining new additions to Brokis and TON portfolio will surely add some sparkle to the installation and accentuate its overall concept. “I tried to imagine light on multiple levels and complement it with iconic objects that help complete the story,” states Koldova - and we can’t wait to see the result.

It’s therefore safe to assume that the 2018 Das Haus will shine extra brightly.




You can find more information at: 
www. imm-cologne.comwww. ton. euwww. brokis. cz

words: Kristýna Svobodová | photo: company's archive