Serial Killer festival in Brno!

In recent years, television and online series have been gaining in popularity across the globe. Suspense, excitement, a well-crafted plotline – these are the ingredients of the solid productions that have raised the bar for television series and lured many a well-known actor or director. Finally, the vapid, never-ending dramas of yesteryear have met their challenge in substance-filled series that know how to captivate and when to end. Indeed, there have been so many good productions of late that they warrant their own festival, or so say the folks in Brno. Enter Serial Killer, the first festival of television and online series and miniseries, scheduled to take place in the Moravian metropolis from 2–5 May 2018. 

Soffa Cěské století
Soffa Pustina

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partner for the article: Serial Killer | text: Hana Švolbová | translation: Ingrid Martonova | collage: Michaela Karásek Čejková