Brno’s D1 Highway Food Scene Elevated by New Restaurant

Moravians Jiří Lešikar and Lumír Sendrei opened Signature, a new high-end restaurant at the 182 exit on the D1 highway by Brno. Experienced chef, Pavel Veltruský, has taken on the role of executive chef. The food is fresh and simple, such as a breakfast consisting of housemade breads, yogurts, and coffee. A Champagne wine selection of 160 labels is available. Architect Pavel Kříž collaborated on the interior, creating a place for travelers to enjoy good food and modern architecture.

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When it comes to food, local isn’t always better for owners Jiří Lešikar and Lumír Sendrei. Although they enjoy working with local farmers, it’s the quality of the ingredients that matters most. Jiří Lešikar says, “fresh mackerel from Norway that was raised naturally, and about which we know how fast it got to us, makes more sense than a frozen, fattened carp from the Czech Republic.”

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The chef, Pavel Veltruský, has cooked for celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and Julia Roberts. He worked at various Marriott Hotels in multiple countries as well as at the three-Michelin-starred restaurant Waterside Inn in England. Now he has settled at Signature in Brno. “I am putting together the menu with the season in mind. I’m also trying to accommodate the more conservative guests with something like rabbit meatballs using my grandmother’s recipe, but also the more adventurous eaters with grilled foie gras,” explains Chef Veltruský.

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The interior of the restaurant is innovative and modern, providing guests with a stunning visual experience. There is an interplay between wood and moss, stone and metal. The three spacious areas are lined with moss carpets and have wooden walls. Co-owner Jiří Lešikar described the vision he and architect Pavel Kříž from the studio KOMPLITS had for the new space as a “pleasant, airy, ambient place with a timeless design”. He says he is happy [they] achieved it.
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Partner of the article: Signature Restaurant | Text: Mila Virk | Photo: Mikuláš Gottwald & Daniel Truhlář