Light in Bloom

The entry hall must be a practical space. Once you have housed your coat, shoes, keys and umbrella, often there is no space left for decor. Where to put a vase of flowers so it doesn’t get toppled in a rushed exit? Follow our lead and put flowers above your head! 



Difficulty level:  




60 minutes 


What you need:  

  • artificial flowers
  • light with a soft (paper) light shade   
  • ribbon to attach the flower stems 
  • ruler 
  • sharp (craft) knife 
  • scissors 



Prepare your artificial flowers. Unwrap the light shade cover with the face side up and arrange the flowers on the cover. Each flower must be attached with the ribbon in two places - under the flower and at the end of the stem.  

With the knife and ruler cut two slots under each flower on both sides of the stem. Do the same for the end of the stem. Thread the ribbon through the created holes and tie it on the back of the cover so the knot is not visible. Continue in this way until you have attached all the flowers, remembering that you don’t need to cover the entire surface.


You find the DIY project and read more from issue 17 in the printed version or online:

text: Helena Novotná | styling: Janka Murínová | photo: Adéla Havelková