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Flood of History

In our Soffa 27 travel feature we head to neighbouring Germany. If you think you know Germany well and there is little to surprise you, think again – our neighbour has more to offer than famous mountains, castles and chateaus, international trade fairs, world-renowned beer with bratwurst, and big cities pulsing with culture. Less than a hundred kilometres from Czechia’s northernmost point lies the Brandenburg region, brimming with delicious cuisine, beautiful nature, stunning lakes, boundless sporting opportunities and unforgettable experiences.  

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Peruvian Escape with Ben&Kensey

Summer has fully matured and that means a lot of us are either traveling, planning to travel, or making the trip to a park to simply enjoy the nice weather. With upcoming Flora & Fauna issue of Soffa Magazine we decided to satisfy this universal lust for adventure with a dose of Peruvian beauty. 

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Have you heard of Hypezig? Pardon, we mean, Leipzig - the Germany’s new creative capital! Lured by whispers about paradise for lovers of architecture, nature and especially the fabulous food, art and industrial design, we decided to visit the city named after the linden tree.

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Slovenia has always been a bit of a mystery to us. The small country between the Alps and the Mediterranean is said to be the greenest in the whole of Europe but we never really had a chance to get a taste of its beauty. Until this August when we found ourselves in the eco & glam Big Berry camp in the stunning region of Bela Krajina in the eastern part of the country.

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