Chic Comfort for Children

Cos has introduced a brand new line – not only minimal but also literally mini. A full everyday wardrobe for children is playful, chic and still very timeless. Let’s play!

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As a child, I remember my incessant desire to choose my own mismatched outfits with contrasting patterns and bright colors. Much to my parent’s dismay, I ended up leaving the house many times in uncomfortable, crazy outfits. I’m sure many parents can relate to mine, and wish to keep their children comfortable, yet presentable as they grow up. Well now, Cos is debuting a simple line that utilizes beautiful colors and quality materials to dress up children’s wardrobes. Available online and in stores on 19 October is Cos’s new collection of chldrenswear, Cos Kids.

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Cos is extending their chic selection of childrenswear from newborns all the way to children age ten. Inspiration for the collection stemmed from the women and men’s Autumn Winter 2018 season. This collection includes various pieces from elegant blue and grey sweaters to bold yellow pants, and embodies different styles that children can wear for various occasions.

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The new line is made of merino wool, cashmere, corduroy, denim, and flannel to ensure the highest of quality materials are used for children’s play. A personal favorite of mine is a blue sweater with accentuated white details at the top, perfect to dress up or dress down for any occasion. it’s a top that would have satisfied both my childhood self’s and my parents wardrobe choice.

On 16 November, the first ever Cos babywear range comprised of unisex pieces, babygrowns, and blankets made of soft colored merino wool, cashmere, and organic cotton. In addition to the playful garments, Cos will offer products such as books and toys in store and online. 

Cos’s appreciation for the contemporary world of design can now be introduced to younger generations who, too, can develop a love for art and design as we do today. Cos Kids is truly unique, yet simplistic — it is a collection, both my childhood self and my parents would have approved of. Do not hesitate to check out the full collection online or in-stores so your children can comfortably, yet stylishly grow, learn, and create.

text: Phoebe Nielsen | photo: courtesy of Cos

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