Ikea's Path to Democratise Art

Being surrounded by pieces of art becomes as easy as ever before. Progressive open minds and creativity of the craftsmen democratise the art and bring it to a wide audience.The ideas that inspire and bring light into an everyday life are mainly influenced by the contemporary art and culture.


There is absolutely no need to introduce such a brand as Ikea. Furniture and design bits by Swedish company supplement the decor of almost every single living-space all around the world. The company has always been noted for its practical solutions for home design, and besides that, satisfying emotional needs and creating the aesthetically pleasing atmosphere using details. When the pioneer of affordable home furnishing collaborates with an eminent camera brand as Hasselblad with its almost 75 years of history, along with its 7 talented photographers, the outcome will appear to be something astonishing as a Norrhassel collection of 8 art-photos, which will be launched in all Ikea markets in August 2018. 


This collection presents several posters, the vivid portrait, perspective of the foggy forest, placid landscapes of Iceland, the bright conceptual waving sock, the urban composition and a peaceful animal portrait. Any of them can be picked to make a bright accent or add refinement into the interior. 


The artists were selected between the Hasselblad Master Award winners from the earliest event in 2002 to 2018. The competition is renowned among the most prestigious awards in photography craftsmen since 2008 and consists of different category nominations including aerial, landscape, wildlife, fashion/beauty, architecture, street/urban, art, portrait, wedding, product and the project//21 (category for all photographers under the age of 21. Except the honour to be titled of a “Hasselblad Master”, its winners are getting a chance to shoot for Hasselblad’s collaboration with famous brands and sponsored with Hasselblad camera equipment for a period of approximately four months to create a series of posters for the special Masters Commemorative book.

This is exactly how the Norrhassel series was created. Seven photographers are bringing pictures that are a breath of fresh air and touch of the fine arts for Ikea.


The works of one of “Hasselblad Masters” of 2014 partakes in Norrhassel collection — Bára Prášilová, winner of the Beauty/Fashion category. She was a contestant and finalist of the Award in 2009 and in 2018 she became a jury member for the competition.

Prague born and raised she spent the childhood in the distinguished “grey" neighbourhood of Prague, that drove Bára to create colourful expressive pictures. “It is a beautiful city, maybe a little bit boring. This is where i grew up — it wasn't a beautiful city centre, on the contrary, an ugly neighbourhood. That is why i am trying to make beautiful photos, as a compensation or a correction of the reality,”  she says in her interview to Ikea.


Bára is a Prague and London based artist, whose style combines absurd humour, bizarre interpretation of fashion and beauty, and playfulness. Her works are eye-catching and meticulous. Looking at her choice of colours creates a positive association of artistic photography.

The photographer has an incredible passion for perfection, with this trait being exactly what makes her art so thought-out and detailed. “I like to plan what I am doing — don't want to risk and prefer to avoid surprises. That is why I arrange everything in advance and I know exactly what pictures I want to take and how to get the result. Such a scrupulosity allows me to improvise. When I  am well prepared I feel more confident and stay cool,” says Bára Prášilová in her interview.


It is not her first collaboration with Ikea. She became one of 11 contemporary artists in the frames of Ikea Art Event 2016, working on a limited collection of pictures which allowed the world to invest in art, but for an affordable price. 

The creation of fine yet affordable art has become a leading trend of our dynamic society, and this project is on the leading edge of showcasing the ability to produce such art for a wider audience. 

The collection is available at Ikea stores and online store starting August 2018.

text: Anastasia Linevich-Yavorskaya | photo: Ikea