Ambitious forms and its Formations

Design is international, there are no distances or obstacles to share it and amalgam diverse cultures and styles.  At Soffa, we discover fascinating projects, meet creative people and see unique studios all around the world. This time we would like to present an international project — the design studio Objects of Common Interest. 


Elene Petaloti and Leonidas Trampoukis, the founders of the studio OoCI experiment with various materials (predominantly they apply marble, the material widely used in ancient Greece), shapes, and bold combinations. Experimental environments created by the architects focused on stillness and simplicity of geometrical forms, moreover their spatial installations are available to interact with, and the pieces are tactile which is a crucial for authors. 

Objects of the “Formations” installation in the garden patio of Athen’s Conservatoire building during the Art Athina 2018, work independently, but also make a great constellation made of powder-coated steel tubular seating arrangements of bright blue colour. 


Placed with no order or composition, abstract fragments embody the beauty of geometry and uniqueness in stillness. Each of the curvy shaped elements has a different form, which gives the visitors freedom to use imagination and creativity to settle on them in different ways. 

“Each in its very own balancing expression, yet connecting by creating common space through their individuality.”

The Object of Common Interest design studio is based between two diverse poles — New York and Greece, blending of cultures makes the design works distinguish and charismatic. 

Leonidas and Eleni also run a sibling architectural and design studio LOT. Find more objects and projects of the studio at

text: Anastasia Linevich-Yavorskaya | photo: Omar Sartor

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