Peruvian Escape with Ben&Kensey

Summer has fully matured and that means a lot of us are either traveling, planning to travel, or making the trip to a park to simply enjoy the nice weather. With upcoming Flora & Fauna issue of Soffa Magazine we decided to satisfy this universal lust for adventure with a dose of Peruvian beauty. 

Peru has an energy ingrained in the mountains, rain forests, and rivers unlike anywhere we have ever been. The sacred link between the people and the land is millenniums old and can be felt in the food, cities, and behavior of everyone around you. We hope this video inspires you to see and appreciate the beauties, small or grand that fill our world.

More on Kensey and Ben, the couple behind the video:

Point blank, we love to travel. Our ambition is for our work to evoke a feeling and to share our emotional connection to the lands and people within the countries we visit with the hope that you will create your own as well.

We have been traveling our whole lives and have selfishly kept all of our experiences private until now. We realize the growth, beauty, and satisfaction felt during our trips have shaped who we are as individuals and global citizens for the better and want to share these feelings. We should all share our individual stories and connections to the places we visit that reveal the beauty behind our world, so here is ours.

We are excited to pair up with Soffa to share our adventures and insight into travel. Follow @benandkens and @soffa_mag on Instagram for more travel excitement and to keep up with where we are going next.

words & video: Ben&Kensey /