Soffa x Vitra Workshop

This past summer, our favorite Swiss brand asked us to prepare an interior design workshop for Prague creatives. See all the fun we had together!

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Showroom Vitra is located in Karlin, Prague, and this past spring it was completely redesigned by the Swedish architect Pernilla Ohrstedt. If you have not had the opportunity to visit the Czech branch of the iconic Swiss design brand yet, do not hesitate. A selection of traditional and new pieces wait for you along with a wide range of quality home and office solutions. You can choose from a variety of accessories that are pleasantly surprising in price and fit as an ideal last-minute gift. An oasis of tranquility can be found in the new café or backyard that is part of the showroom where you can truly think about your interior investment of a lifetime.

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We wanted to not only awaken creativity, but to also celebrate the arrival of a new line of Vitra accessories.

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Participants could try their own interior stylings or use inspiration from our designer, Janka.

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In the workshop, participants also had the opportunity to create a comic book or take a picture for the cover page of Soffa.


To top it off, we could not have finished the summer better than with a backyard campfire. Thank you very much to everyone who has attended, as well as the friendly team of Vitra Prague, Delikatesky for great refreshment and Kytky od potoka for the floral decoration.

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text: Patrik Florián | language edit: Phoebe Nielsen | photo: Barbora Bydžovská | video: Kensey Berry