Behind the Cover of Soffa 28 by Eliska Kyselkova

Grab a behind-the-scenes glance at our Soffa 28 cover story, Birds of Paradise shot by Czech photographer Eliska Kyselkova. Bright coloured garments and striking accessories radiate on pages of our Flora & Fauna issue. The photographer was inspired by the stunning theatre that plays out each day under the open skies, performed by birds dressed in perfectly fitting attire and adorned with exquisite natural flair – their feathers. The pride of some ten thousand bird species, feathers come in all shades of colour and luminosity. They function as a lure for a potential mate, a symbol of strength or a form of self-defence. No wonder that most of us would like to hide at times under a splendid pair of wings, or spread our imaginary wings to fly into the unknown. Allow yourself the pleasure to dream with your eyes wide open. 

Discover the whole story Birds of Paradise in Soffa 28:

videography: Stepan Borkovec | video edit: Eliska Kyselkova