Kirigami from Czech Woodlands

Kirigami, the Japanese art of paper cutting and folding, will test your patience, creativity and attention to detail. Find yourself a pair of sharp scissors and get your hands ready for some serious cutting and folding. Children are welcome!

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  • Separate the three animal shapes so you can fold each animal along its central axis without folding over the others.

  • Once folded in half, cut each animal out following its outline.

  • Then carefully cut the openings for ears and other details denoted with a solid line, and fold the animal as shown.

  • To give it a lifelike appearance, shape the body as you would with modelling clay.


Have fun!


PORIGAMI gives depth to paper

The Prague-based paper craft label PORIGAMI creates unique paper art by transforming two-dimensional sheets of paper into three-dimensional objects. Their laser cut and hand-stamped collections include greeting cards that explore themes like fauna, flora and architecture, as well as paper decorations like mobiles and garlands. PORIGAMI also makes custom-designed business cards, invitations, souvenir cards, pop-up presentations and paper installations.

The architect Tereza Hradilková, nicknamed ‘Pori’ by her older sister, lived in East Asia between 2007 and 2013. There she started experimenting with paper, ‘gami’ in Japanese, and PORIGAMI soon followed. In September 2018 PORIGAMI will exhibit at the prestigious Maison et Objet fair in Paris.

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text and photo: editorial team and Tereza Hradilková

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