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Do you like going through old photos? Sometimes you may happen to come across the huge box up on a shelf full of old memories and scuffed photos and you spend hours and hours over them all at onсе . In cooperation with Papelote we thought that it is a shame not to put such big and important memories nicely together, so we organized another workshop.

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Everyone loves food. It’s delicious flavour that will melt on your tongue and in the form of unforgettable pleasure stays in your mind long after the digestion. However, we eat first through our eyes. It is the sight that depicts the magic of food which makes us eventually eat something tasty. And maybe it is why the photos of meals are nowadays so glorified and spoken of. But it doesn’t happen so easily to capture the moment which attracts all your other senses to bite. What to crumble, where to add flowers, what to decorate and, on the contrary, where to detract?

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