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SOFFA 15 issue is dedicated to film. In addition to the traditional features of interiors and recipes, this issue presents stories on Czech and international film and television phenomena.  The travel section will take you on a journey to the Swedish island Fårö, intrinsically connected to Ingmar Bergman. In addition to photographs from Bergman’s film locations, you can look forward to an interview with Arne Carlsson, Bergman’s close collaborator. In the extensive special on the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival we will show you hidden gems of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), including the places you should not miss during breaks between film screenings. An unconventional fashion photo essay will take you backstage to Barrandov Studios, one of the oldest, largest and most sought-after film studios in the world.

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Every SOFA magazine has a secret. The secret of something undiscovered, something that this world has not seen yet.

We and (hopefully) you as well learn something fresh with each new issue. We are discovering new corners, workshops, and studios. We meet interesting people, artists, designers and creators. But above all we invent what and how to get it to the new issue. For example, what do you recall when a word tradition is said?

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