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What about SOFFA in Czech? To make it up to you we have a surprise - a new SOFFA Czech!

Just put on your headphones, click here and listen to stories from SOFFA 14 about the wisdom and beauty of traditions or about Villa Rusalka, the house where Antonín Dvořák created his famous masterpieces. From now on, we will choose the best from every SOFFA volume and we will narrate the articles for you.

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Smoking a cigar, sipping whiskey, and being pampered in the barbershop. This is more or less how we at SOFFA magazine volume 14 a Gentleman’s day.

Recently we visited such a place of magic and inspiration. At the front door, you could already smell the scent of Cologne. Let’s be honest, this alluring manly essence arouses the curiosity of more than one woman, hungry to peep inside the mysterious place where the handsome men are "born". Unfortunately, access is strictly prohibited to men only.

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Every SOFA magazine has a secret. The secret of something undiscovered, something that this world has not seen yet.

We and (hopefully) you as well learn something fresh with each new issue. We are discovering new corners, workshops, and studios. We meet interesting people, artists, designers and creators. But above all we invent what and how to get it to the new issue. For example, what do you recall when a word tradition is said?

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