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Sometimes it is better to stay home. By that, however, I don't mean lying on a comfortable sofa with a big TV in front of you. I'm thinking of Bohemia, our picturesque homeland, which hides a lot of beautiful corners. This summer holiday I took refuge in the countryside. Because only here the time goes really at a speed of breeze and you can even hear my own thoughts because the space for thinking there is more than big enough. I visited my grandmother for a few days and I let myself be carried away by the countryside. Everyday worries there are no e-mails, work phone calls, meetings, or problems of global dimension. The biggest concerns are the rabbits.

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In the Baltic Sea, just south off the coast of Sweden lies the Danish island of Bornholm. I fell in love with this wonderful place with a unique climate and rich history five years ago and decided to return here this summer. Visiting the local glass factories, eating fish at the renowned smokehouses and enjoying the sandy beaches is a great way to relax. Bornholm is also home to a number of great restaurants, cafés and breweries. But there’s more. The whole of Scandinavia likes to celebrate the Summer Solstice. The Sankt Hans Aften as it’s known here bring the whole town together for a night of singing, drinking, feasting and a bonfire - the greatest party takes place at the Hammerhus, a ruin of a castle from the Middle Ages. It’s tomorrow and you can be sure I won’t miss it.

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