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Earth, Wood & Fire

People have been soiling their hands with clay for at least thirty thousand years, or as long as they have been making pottery, one of the earliest of human inventions. The miraculous process in which fire transforms clay into a fragile object of beauty and utility is as fascinating today as it was at the beginning.

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Umami Yummy & Vegan Pho Recipe

The large metal gate creaks open and we are immediately enveloped in the decaying aroma of a lush forest. This is the home of True Shiitake, an unusual mushroom producer located in a former composting facility in the middle of protected woodlands. We are here to meet the shiitake mushroom, the steak of the future.

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A Passion for Perfume

Spring attracts change and novelties, maybe even in your perfume shelf. The selection of niche scents has been widened by Swiss brand Tauer Perfumes, which works with the highest quality natural ingredients.

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