Unused merchandise can be returned without any trouble in the time limit provided by law. If you send unused merchandise back within 14 days, you can exchange it for other merchandise or you can get your money back. The returned merchandise may not show any marks from being used or washed, it may not be damaged or dirty, and it has to be wrapped in the original packaging with complete tags. Otherwise the exchange or return will not be possible and the merchandise will be sent back. The merchandise for exchange should be sent as a regular package (not cash on delivery) with a copy of the invoice. Your requirement or wish cannot be correctly handled without these specific data filled out. Money for returned goods will be credited to the account that you determine. If you return the entire order, then the money return applies to the merchandise value and also to the shipping charges you paid with your order. The money refund will be made within 14 days. In accordance with the Directive 2011/83/EU the customer will have to bear the direct cost of returning the goods in case of withdrawal from the contract. You will not be charged any postage for the first exchange of merchandise and you will only pay the postage for sending the merchandise to us. However, you will be charged the postage for any further exchange within the same order.


The warranty period and complaint procedure of the company SOFFA, s.r.o. is governed by generally binding legal regulations. Every e-shop customer is entitled to make a sales return within 24 months after the respective tax document is issued. We have the obligation to process the complaint at the latest within 30 days from when it was made. Please send the merchandise subject to complaint as a regular package (not cash on delivery) to the suppliers’ address stated on the invoice together with a copy of the invoice. Please fill out the reason for the complaint. All sales returns can be accepted only in writing. Changes on the material corresponding with the duration of use or faults caused by either incorrect maintenance or incorrect use of the product cannot be considered as a defect. The warranty does not apply to damages caused by: - inappropriate use of goods - mechanical damage or normal wear - damage by fire or other elements If a defect is found, the merchandise should not be worn anymore and a sales return should be made immediately. If you fail to do so and the defect is extended due to further use, you take the risk that your sales return will not be accepted.