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Czech edition

ISSUE 09 is dedicated to TRAVEL: enjoy expeditions both classic and unconventional. Find a little piece of your kind of adventure!

In this volume of SOFFA, we’ve tried to prepare a mix of articles in which, hopefully, everyone will be able to find a little piece of their kind of adventure. You can travel in many ways! In this issue we’ll show you some of them. Aside from classic expeditions through foreign countries (this time we visited neighbouring Slovakia) you can come with us for journeys to the past and the future. Tie-dye à la the 1970s, an apartment in Znojmo with original features from the 19th century, hi-tech futuristic methods of transportation, and courageous people who are not afraid to put forth new ways and ideas - don’t miss out on any of these! If you desire to travel around the world, you’ll see that with us you can set off this instant. We’ll present you individual continents first in excerpts from literary texts and then through design. If, however, you decide to discover the world on foot, you’ll surely appreciate a manual on how to pack a bag with less than 7 kg of weight as well as the article about hiking signs in the Czech Republic. Nor did we forget about travellers from the world of animals. You’ll see that their performances are truly impressive. Above all, we believe that your new SOFFA will make you feel as relaxed as if you were on holiday!


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