English edition

Grandiose, full of emotion and rich in detail – just like the Baroque period to which this issue is dedicated. Join us and indulge all your senses in the fabulous Baroque aesthetic.

SOFFA issue 18 offers the best from Czech Baroque. This exceptionally rich epoch touched all spheres of creativity – architecture, visual arts, literature, theatre, fashion and music – and we explore them all from different angles. Our stories reveal how the Baroque era was not just gloomy and pretentious, but also joyous and full of hyperbole. In addition to celebrated examples of Czech Baroque heritage, such as Kuks and the Waldstein Garden, we show you some lesser known Baroque gems. And to make sure you find your way there, we have made a special indestructible map! You will discover that the principles of the Baroque aesthetic – such as illusion, symmetry, dynamic movement, and the interplay of light and shadow – are as relevant today as they were during Baroque times, whether in architecture, fashion or the art of scent. We also touch on other Baroque cultural phenomena, such as fairytales, annual pilgrimages, devotional Calvary hills and sites commemorating the Stations of the Cross. Finally, we honour Baroque spas and Folk Baroque, a style typical of Czech folk architecture. If the goal of the Baroque was to amaze its patrons, our aim with this issue has been to amaze you – our beloved readers. Whether we have succeeded is for you to decide!  


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