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Soffa 25 muses about what awaits in the near and distant future, and about other pressing existential questions. Explore with us some fantastical ideas that are fast becoming part of our reality.  

Some say that ideas about the future are mainly a reflection of the present. If this is true then the stories in Soffa 25 will paint a clear picture about the present, and tomorrow will remain as distant as the stars. Quite literally, as you will learn in our interview with the Czech space scientist Jan Lukačevič. But we need not go as far as outer space to find pioneering endeavours – Mother Earth offers many, whether in architecture, design or food. In this issue we will show you several buildings that take advantage of new materials and technologies and are energy self-sufficient. Sustainability is the main ingredient in our essay about the future of food, and it also flavours our vignettes on smart cities, exemplified in our beloved city of Prague. Our story on the Slovak studio Crafting Plastics! will show you how 3D-printed glasses made from natural plastic are both stylish and compostable. And because humanity has been attempting to predict the future through various forms of fortune telling since time immemorial, we have turned to three women who include fortune telling on their resumes. No matter what you believe, one thing is clear: our future rests with the next generation. And so our fashion story features the next generation of fashionistas in the middle of their classroom. A classroom is probably where you first heard the word robot, which long ago entered our psyche as a synonym for the future. Read on to learn about its origins.


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