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In Soffa 26 we explore the importance of passion in our lives – passion for that someone special, a hobby or our work. If you are not sure where your passion lies, there is no better place to discover it than here. Spring is the perfect time to ignite your inner flame! 

The main theme of this issue, one we explore in our conversation with Petr Ludwig, is the quest for a lifelong passion. We aim to rouse your own spirit and zest, and to this end we introduce several people whose successful initiatives and life’s calling are a source of great inspiration. We begin with three young scientists who have already managed to enrich Czech science with their groundbreaking ideas, and continue with the idiosyncratic chef and butcher Paul Day whose work has made a mark on Czech gastronomy. Design is the guiding passion for the Czech design gallery Deelive, as well as this year’s finalists of Czech Grand Design, to whom we have dedicated our cover. And because we like to challenge stereotypes and touch on delicate issues, together with Tereza Hošková we examine female sexuality and the menstrual cycle. As always, we take a journey to feed our passion for travel – this time visiting Romania and the Faroe Islands. Antique lovers will revel in our story about an ardent collector of historical weapons and enjoy our fashion photoessay, set in one of the largest antique shops in Prague. And for a bit of levity, savour our collages inspired by some of the best original Czech series created in recent times. They are great for relaxing on your favourite sofa!


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