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Czech edition

There are few things in life that nearly everyone loves and can’t do without. Food is one of them. In this issue we serve up engaging personalities from the world of gastronomy and ten recipes to tantalise your taste and other senses!  

The age-old saying ‘the way to a person’s heart is through the stomach’ may take on another dimension once you have read this issue – hopefully making you like us even more. Ten recipes from Czech and international chefs await your culinary prowess, recipes that will satisfy champions of superfoods and devotees of classic Czech cuisine. The requisite implements include a mixer, a blender, the traditional stove and an outdoor fire.  

Aside from recipes, in Soffa 27 we aim to appeal to more than just your taste buds. In our interiors and travel sections we traverse Europe to show you a Tuscan vineyard managed by a British-Italian couple; open the doors on The Emerald, a new Prague hotel presented by a Frenchman; and explore the water world of German Brandenburg. We also meet Ondra Kopička – beekeeper, cider brewer and distiller – who claims there is no need to be afraid of bees as only the first two hundred stings hurt. Not to miss is our science feature on the human microbiome, where we explore the importance of bacteria in our digestive system. Our photoessay presents fashion in a complete symbiosis with scrumptious desserts made by Cukrář Skála and will hopefully please even those who are not fans of sugar. But sugar-free enthusiasts will find something to savour – a traditional Czech spice cake by Janina Cukrfree, sweetened only by the love of cooking. Bon appetite!


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