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Join us on a journey of discovery, where wonders await in the incredible diversity of our planet’s plant and animal kingdoms. Savour these pages in a park or by the water – there is no better way to uncover the secrets of nature!

Plants and animals are a boundless source of inspiration, and Soffa 28 is proof that you don’t need a degree in biology to discover the mysteries and beauty in nature. Simply observe, ask questions and explore with all your senses, for plants and animals are best perceived first-hand. Did you know that rose petals are delicious when eaten raw or taken as an infusion? We learnt of their exquisite taste when writing our story about heritage rose varieties. We were equally enthralled by naturally occurring ceramic glazes created by hours of firing in a wood-fired kiln.  

An encounter with predatory fauna awaits in our interview with the falconer Stanislav Menclík, whose falcons travel as far as the Persian Gulf. Those of you who admire the land of the rising sun will delight in our travel feature on Japan and enjoy unveiling the secrets of growing shiitake mushrooms with the help of the Czech grower True Shiitake. You can also test your skills in the art of paper cutting and folding with Tereza Hradilková’s paper kirigami animals.  

Also not to miss are our nature-inspired stories from Czechia: our homage to hops, Czechia’s ‘green gold’, our features on the innovative work of startups like Malai and AnyoneGo, and the illustrated story developed in collaboration with the Prague Zoo that follows endangered animals going back into the wild. Finally, if you want to let loose, be inspired by three audacious fashion essays highlighting colourful feathers, the graceful horse, and plants full of mysterious powers!