Soffa 29 | Issue theme: Plenitude

English edition

Czech edition

In this issue we explore what it means to have an abundance of good things, focussing not on material riches, but on what makes our lives truly bountiful – be it old age, leisure time or cultural traditions.

At a time when we must more than ever address unnecessary waste in all aspects of our lives, from food to fashion and everything in between, how do we imagine the idea of plenty? What is abundance in a world concerned with sustainability? The feeling of fulfilment that most people desire can be attained in a number of ways, and in this issue we explore some of them. In the illustrated essay developed in partnership with the organisation Elpida, we honour old age as one of our most valuable assets, one we sadly often overlook. Traditional Czech cuisine, one of our nation’s richest treasures, is presented with the help of quirky collages that are sure to tickle your taste buds as well as your fancy. Another national treasure featured in this issue is the blood-red Bohemian garnet, a gemstone sure to make you look pretty and maybe even healthy. If plenitude means leisure and travel in your book, then you will savour our travel story on the Subcarpathian region of south-eastern Poland and our gallery of Europe’s highest peaks. And we must not forget material wealth, presented through gorgeous images of old passbooks, statues, gold and jewels. Finally, in our interviews with renowned economists from the economic research centre CERGE-EI, you will learn how to be prosperous forever.