Soffa 30 | Issue theme: Changes

English edition

Czech edition

Change is inevitable, as the saying goes. In this issue of Soffa, we will show you that to change is to improve, even if at first it may not seem like it. Progress is impossible without transformation. Change is what gives life meaning and makes it fun.

In this 30th issue of Soffa, we show you that change is the spice of life. You might want to start by transforming your living space, as we did with Canapé, a project that involved jazzing up the historic premises of Obecní dvůr in Prague’s city centre. Meanwhile, ORA built a country house in South Moravia, successfully combining the demands of a contemporary lifestyle with traditional rural architecture. We’ve also ventured northwards to show you the best of the Moravian-Silesian region. Devastated by centuries of coal mining, the area possesses unexpected poetics, industrial and natural. Our fashion editorial explores a traditional theme in a not-so-traditional manner. Throughout history, makers of Nativity scenes have dressed the figures in period garb – so why not have our Nativity protagonists wearing outfits by young Czech fashion designers? To change your image, we suggest you consider donning new eyeglasses, turning a chunk of ginger into probiotic lemonade, or closely observing how iconic designer items have evolved over time.